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The product




LogiStat is the result of the combination of cleanroom high technology and air conditioning. As modules they are made to order and allow the user to obtain an environment whose temperature, humidity and pressure is guaranteed with very high precision.

  • Custom-made


  • Very high stability of temperature, humidity and/or pressure (if requested, the temperature stability can reach ± 0.01°K or better, for instance)
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure stages, programmable
  • Complete automation, regulation and monitoring
  • Experience in various domains such as watch industry, metrology, micromechanics, microelectronics, optics, research, etc.
  • Swiss made product of high quality 
  • Norms

All our products and services comply with the latest standards.

  • Performance

Products optimized for the best performance (such as energy or sound…)

  • Experience

Take advantage of our extensive experience in many areas.

  • Proximity

By focusing on local products (Switzerland, Europe …) we focus on quality and proximity.


LogicAir met à votre disposition son expertise pour concevoir, réaliser et maintenir vos zones à environnement contrôlé.

Pour vos salles blanches, mini-environnements et blocs opératoires, nous offrons une maîtrise des paramètres nécessaires à une optimalisation de vos activités.

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