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Validation / expertise

Our service

  • Validations
  • Installation and tests control of cleanrooms
  • Expertise


Control, test and validation of :

  • Control of contamination, temperature, humidity and pressure zones
  • Installations of air treatment, air-conditioning, filtration, etc.

Realization of complete expertise for cleanrooms installations for:

  • situations before overtake or sale
  • energetic consumption state
  • technical and financial evaluation


  • You will benefit from our experience in the domain of cleanliness and air-conditioning
  • Our knowledge in the actual Cleanroom technology and its various domains, allows us to understand your application
  • Norms

All our products and services comply with the latest standards.

  • Performance

Products optimized for the best performance (such as energy or sound…)

  • Experience

Take advantage of our extensive experience in many areas.

  • Proximity

By focusing on local products (Switzerland, Europe …) we focus on quality and proximity.


LogicAir met à votre disposition son expertise pour concevoir, réaliser et maintenir vos zones à environnement contrôlé.

Pour vos salles blanches, mini-environnements et blocs opératoires, nous offrons une maîtrise des paramètres nécessaires à une optimalisation de vos activités.


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