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The product

MEDICVENT system with double mask, for the extraction of anesthetic gases
  • The unique solution for a working environment in accordance with the legislation
  • A good ventilation alone of the operating bloc is not enough of a preventive measure. The mask is a necessity
  • For operating, anesthetic, wake-up rooms, etc.
  • The extraction system can also be used for smoke extraction (laser cuttings) or smells
  • Turnkey construction of complete extraction installations (for anesthetic gases, smoke and smells) in an hospital or medical environment.

Various studies show that the personnel in operating blocs are still too often exposed to high residual anesthetic gases concentrations. The results from the Swiss SUVA’s analyze of the actual situation has been published (Work conditions during anesthetic gases exposition, work medicine division n° 29 of 3/98).


  • Simple system, flexible and of proven efficiency (hundreds of installations realized in Switzerland and throughout the world)
  • Mobile or fixed installations (localized or centralized)
  • In the case of a realization with integration in an operating bloc for example, Logicair takes over the conception, engineering, project planning and management, installation and site work management, start-up, commissioning and validation.
  • The most recent norms in the medical field are applied to the product
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LogicAir met à votre disposition son expertise pour concevoir, réaliser et maintenir vos zones à environnement contrôlé.

Pour vos salles blanches, mini-environnements et blocs opératoires, nous offrons une maîtrise des paramètres nécessaires à une optimalisation de vos activités.

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